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What We Do Tiffany Stark Grabenhorst has raised money in the Pacific Northwest for candidates, office holders and not-for-profits since 2001. In 2007 when analyzing Romney’s Oregon fundraising, The Oregonian called it “Romney’s Oregon Machine” and pointed out that Romney had raised more money in Oregon than all of the other presidential candidates of either party. “He (Romney) hired a local fundraiser, Tiffany Stark … who has a big rolodex.” Tiffany understands that one of the most important aspects of any project or campaign is an ability to raise money. She subscribes to the theory that fundraising requires both optimism and realism. There is no cookie cutter approach from Tiffany. She is very hands-on. Each project or campaign has a tailor-made comprehensive fundraising plan that is efficient, targeted and effective and includes: • Direct solicitation • The creation and operation of a board or finance committee • Multi-level events • Direct mail • Development of electronic and social media contacts • Implementing and expanding databases • Use of Skype and electronic town-halls for raising money In describing the fundraising for the 2006 Governor’s race, which Tiffany headed up, the Eugene Register Guard said “Republican gubernatorial challenger Ron Saxton’s fundraising continued on its record-smashing pace, adding $2.5 million in the past month …” The Salem Statesman Journal reported on another client of Tiffany’s with the headline “Bruun’s fundraising outpaces Schrader’s.” More recently, she received praise for helping to raise a record $20 million dollars in Oregon and Washington for presidential candidate Mitt Romney. When asked about the secrets of her fundraising success, Tiffany will say that money is raised in direct proportion to the amount of time spent raising it.

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